Doctrinal Basis

The Metropolitan Tab­ernacle is an independent reformed Baptist church. The following seven points show the key biblical policies we follow, laid down by our forebears, such as C H Spurgeon.  

Doctrines of grace
We teach the doctrines of grace (in the reformed faith, often summarised as the 'five points of Calvinism'). Our doctrinal basis is the Baptist Confession of Faith, 1689.

Free offer of the Gospel
We believe in the universal tender of salvation, also called the free offer of the Gospel, dedicating one ­service every Sunday to persuasive evangelistic preaching, and praying that God will use this for the salvation of precious souls. Evangelism is a ­foremost duty for us, embracing evangelistic Sunday Schools, youth outreach, and other measures des­cribed in these pages.

Traditional worship
We believe that traditional worship is in line with the clear teaching of the Bible. Worship is to be glorious and reverent, lifting up our minds in praise, thanksgiving, repentance, dedication, intercession, and the hearing of God’s Word. It is not ­inten­ded to entertain, as though the house of God were a theatre or dance-hall, but to bring us to appreciate ­Almighty God.

Working church
We try to honour the ­concept of the working church, which means that all true believers serve the Lord, if it is possible for them to do so, joining together in activities to bring glory to Him. With this emphasis a church may carry out large outreach efforts, Sunday School ministry, and so on. Christians are not just a ‘Sunday audience’, but a company of committed, dedicated workers for the Lord.

Biblical separation
We believe that the Lord’s people must keep themselves clear from worldliness and false teaching. This is the doctrine of biblical sep­aration. False teaching denies the inspiration and infallibility of the ­Bible, as well as other fundamental doctrines of the faith. True churches must defend and preserve the Truth at all costs, never compromising the only way of salvation.

The Prayer Meeting
We believe in the great importance of prayer, and maintain the church Prayer Meeting as a distinctive weeknight meeting. Without the blessing of God in answer to prayer, all our witness would be in vain. Corporate prayer is paramount.

Wider ministries
We hold that the ­'local church' (that is, every individual ­congregation) is designed by God to carry out many tasks. Therefore ‘wider’ ­ministries, such as missions, the training of preachers, and the issuing of lit­erature, should be undertaken by individual churches if the Lord leads and enables them.

This list of policies does not, of course, cover all the duties of a church, but gives readers a ­picture of the tradition in which the Tabernacle stands. If the Lord pours out His blessing upon us, then the inspiring words of William Brock at the opening of the 1861 ­Tabernacle will continue to be fulfilled in our day:

'We rejoice because of what will be done by the preaching of Christ here. We know that the place will be the birthplace of precious souls through successive generations. We know that the place will be like a great human heart, throbbing and pulsating with benevolence obtained directly from the cross of Christ. And this great heart will propel far and near a thousand influences which shall be for "glory to God in the highest, for peace on earth, and good will toward men". It will be none other than the house of God and the very gate of Heaven.'