Reformed hymn singing worship

All hymns below are recorded live during our services.

We affirm the biblical standard for reverent, thoughtful, traditional hymn singing.

Spirit of the Psalms
Adoration of the Triune God
God the Father - His Attributes and Perfections
God the Father - Creation and Providence
The Lord Jesus Christ - His Names and Titles
The Lord Jesus Christ - Praise to the Saviour
The Lord Jesus Christ - His Sufferings and Death
The Lord Jesus Christ - His Resurrection and Ascension
Jesus Reigning in Heaven
The Lord Jesus Christ - His Second Advent and the Final Judgement
The Holy Scriptures
The Gospel Call - Evangelism and Missions
The Gospel Call - The Pleadings of Grace
The Gospel Call - The Way of Grace Stated
The Gospel Call - Repentance and Faith
The Christian - Gratitude for Saving Grace and Electing Love
The Christian - Desires for Holiness
The Christian - Dedication and Zeal
The Christian - Courage and Trust in God
The Christian - Afflictions - Resting on the Promises
The Christian - Patience and Resignation to God's Will
Christian Privileges - Adoption
Christian Privileges - Covenant Security
Christian Privileges - Final Restoration
Christian Privileges - Communion with Jesus
The Christian's Future - Death
Public Worship and the Lord's Day