Online Seminary

The Online Course of the London Reformed Baptist Seminary opened in 2011 and has grown rapidly with over 450 seminarians currently following the course from 50 countries. It makes available the lectures, guided reading and assignment programme of the former part-time course through the internet.

Lectures: The LRBS part-time course extended over four years, with lecture days held at the Metropolitan Tabernacle on eight Saturdays each year. These were recorded in audio and video and posted on the internet for course members to access via a password.

Reading Course: Alongside the lectures is a reading course which also extends over four years. This covers the best available books for study, extending to some eighty titles.

Assignments: LRBS seminarians are required to return an average of five assignments each year, involving the writing of brief critiques of certain theological stances, reviews of books, and the preparation of exegetical assignments. These are submitted using the LRBS web page and seminarians receive feedback from the Assignments Tutor also via the web page.

Diploma: Formal certification on completion of the course of studies is granted in the form of an LRBS Diploma in Theology and Pastoral Studies. The Diploma is awarded to course members who have pursued the course for four years and have submitted satisfactory assignments. 

Auditors: Pastors, church officers and others may request to join the lecture course without completing assignments. 

Course Fees: There is a nominal annual enrolment fee (currently £30).  No enrolment fee is charged to men in full-time pastoral ministry or those following the course as auditors.

Entry Requirements: Many seminarians are graduates. However, no specific qualifications for entrance are required as each applicant is considered on the merits of his past Christian service experience and the office he holds. Each applicant must state his doctrinal position.

How to Apply:  Please email [email protected] for more information about the course and application details.