Children's Weeknight Meetings

Children who regularly attend Sunday School or Bible Class are also encouraged to attend one of the Sunday School's Weeknight Meetings. These meetings are held during term time, at the Metropolitan Tabernacle and all branch Sunday Schools.

Weeknight Meetings consist of a time of recreation, followed by a talk on a moral or spiritual theme.

Jill Masters has done the homework for speakers, providing them with fascinating ideas which will captivate children even after a day at school.

Weeknight Meeting Term Topics

There are twelve Weeknight Meeting topics. Notes are provided for a talk lasting around 15-20 minutes on each topic. 

Weeknight Meeting topics include such titles as, Matters of Life and Death, The Bible: Fact or Fiction?, Messages from Space and Things Wise and Wonderful.

Term Topic 1: Why Believe in God?

Why Believe in God?Introduction: Today the world around us has written God off. So are there any credible answers to this question now being fired at young people from all sides? Here is an arsenal of replies to challenge those who have never given the matter much thought, and to arm the young believer.

Aim: To challenge unbelievers. To encourage and 'arm' young believers against Satan's onslaught.

Answers: Because...

1. He made me
2. My conscience tells me there is a God
3. How else can I explain the birth, miracles and resurrection of Christ?
4. I see the tragic lives of those who don't believe
5. I see evidence of His creation all around me
6. The Bible is unique and must be written by God
7. The God of the Bible is so different from any other religion
8. Death warns me that I must meet Him
9. I have met people (and have heard of many others) who know God for themselves
10. Conclusion - Unbelief is foolish and irrational - it is sinful

Teachers are given an outline for each answer; additional notes are supplied for each talk.

Additional Weeknight Meeting Term Topics

 The War of the World against God's Word  The Bible an Amazing BookThe Bible and Medicine Prayer Matters of Life and Death

  The Bible Fact or Fiction     Things Wise and Wonderful   Messages from Space   The Bible and Science

Weeknight Meeting Topics with free to download visual aids

The Holy War  Holy War Visual Aids      Sowing Gospel Seed Around the World  Sowing Gospel Seed Visual Aids

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